Participation Cost

1. Stand charges:

Types of stand

Standard stand(3m×3m)

Corner stand(3m×3m)

Raw Space(booking starting from a   minimum of 36m2)

Area A

13500 yuan/each

14850 yuan/each

1350 yuan/m2

Area B

10800 yuan/each

12000 yuan/each

1080 yuan/m2

Foreign enterprises

 3500 US dollar/each

 3850 US dollar/each

 350 US dollar/m2


A. Standard stands are equipped with: lintel board of both Chinese and English versions(width of 25cm), 2 sunlight lamps, baffle(height of 250cm with available height of 246cm), 1 negotiating table, 2 chairs, one power socket with the capacity of 400W/220V and rug;

B. Exhibitor who book bare stands are responsible for all the costs required for exhibition installation (see the details in exhibitor’s manual).

2. Proceeding advertisements:


Second cover

Third cover

Back cover

Color inside page

Black and white inside page

18000 yuan

10000 yuan

8000 yuan

12000 yuan

5000 yuan /edition

3000 yuan /edition

 Notice: the specification of proceeding layout(140mm×210mm), imported copper plate paper, 4-color precision printing. Exhibitors who have booked the proceeding advertisements should mail the advertising film to the exhibition office before August 15th.

3. Other advertisements:

Admission ticket


Sky balloon

Name tag


5000 yuan/10,000

6000 yuan/10,000

15000 yuan/each

20000 yuan

8000 yuan/1,000

           4. Exhibitors’ technical seminars:
6000 yuan/meeting for the first hour and 1,000 yuan is charged for every increased hour. Manufacturing enterprises and research institutions can apply to host seminars with the theme decided by their own. The facilities offered by the technical seminars are: meeting room for about 50-100 people, projector, screen, podium, chair, audio, paper, pen and drinking water.

To Open

Approved by:
Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China


China Instruments Manufacturers Association


Shanghai Chemical Reagent Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance

Shanghai Analytical Instruments Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance

Supported by:

Shanghai Instrument Industry Association

Zhejiang Instrument Industry Association


Beijing Lamp Exhibition Co., Ltd.


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